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About us

FASTRACK Medical Billing Inc combines the greatest in human resources, software, and technology, producing one of the most efficient teams that working for you can signify one of the best assets to your company. 


FASTRACK Medical Billing strives to create and maintain a smart and cost-effective medical billing system that provides excellent advantages to your practice.


You can always count on comprehensive follow-up from our FASTRACK staff of professionals, as well as complete commitment to the success of your organization.


All medical practices have unique medical billing problems that require unique solutions. With FASTRACK Medical Billing at your side, you can be asured that a group of professional medical billing experts are doing their best to ensure your cash flow will be smooth and continuous allowing you far more time to devote to your patients.


Allow us a complementary consultation and let us prove to you why many say we have improved their revenue flow and save their staff time that is better spent on patient care (best medical billing california).


Visit Fastrack Medical Billing list of services to find that we don't just do billing but assist in debt collection, credentialing in medicare and medicaid, PECOS support, patient eligibility, claims and apeals to denials by insurance companies, setting up provider portals, customizing reports, and (dialysis medical billing service) much more.


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